Scholarship Winner: "The Lucky One"


Everybody wants to win something. Whether it’s that vacation giveaway, or the free T shirt promotion they're doing at work. It feels good to be chosen or to be "the lucky one". When I opened my email and saw that I had been awarded the conference scholarship for EMS TODAY 2018 I got that overwhelming feeling of being that lucky somebody. I was being given the opportunity to attend one of the biggest EMS conferences in the world in the heart of North Carolina.

I was being given a free pass to the educational and professional challenges that such an event holds. To be one of the first to see the latest research and emerging sciences behind our profession. Lectures on studies that directly impact the way we treat and care for our patients. Seminars and classes by men and women who have been on the front line putting these practices to work so they can share their experiences and results with us. I had the privilege of walking the exhibit hall and getting hands on with the newest equipment. Representatives from the manufacturers themselves teaching me not only what everything was designed to do, but everything it could or could not do. An abundance of knowledge and skills being gifted to me for my self-improvement and advancement. I feel overwhelmingly gracious and humble to have been given such a luxury.

I got to hear about the assessment style of para jumpers in the USAR. Latest techniques and research for AMI and stroke patients. 12 lead interpretation, and business models for community paramedicine. The proper use and troubleshooting of equipment that my home county uses straight from the manufacturer. Realizing that we had all been trained incorrectly on how to use our latest CPAP system.

As I sit and write these words, reflecting back, I feel the excitement of coming home to my local agency and team to share everything I was taught or shown. To bring back as much of this as I can so that it can be an entire group of EMS professionals who get a little something from this collection of our industries leading members is the closest I will come to earning it. I have been in this practice for over seven years and was a one-year paramedic at the time of the conference. I can honestly say that I got such a morale boost. A sincerely optimistic feeling about my future in this.

I want to thank the conference and all of its sponsors for giving this to me. Special thanks to the EMS Today team and other organizations who are also striving to give the next generation of care providers the support and inspiration the first generations didn’t have when they started out.

It’s been a long road since my time as a lifeguard working my way through EMT school. Working multiple jobs and trying to find time to study because I was expecting my first child. A baby girl. I would work for IFT companies over the next two years after her birth before becoming a 911 EMT. I started paramedic school after my first year and worked full time throughout the didactic, clinical, and field internship phases. My little girl always missing her daddy. Using whatever energy I could muster to spend every moment outside of work to be with her. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time napping. Upon completion of my degree and being granted my licensure I was finally able to get back to a 48 hour a week schedule and make up for so much lost father time. I needed her a lot more than she will ever need me. The family life I have makes the stress of this job melt away as soon as I step through the door.

Since I have been working as a paramedic I have also branched out into instructing CPR classes in my area and working as a blood technician for a major hospital. The doors have opened in all directions. I have high hopes of becoming an EMT instructor and giving back to the generation that will come after me when I am ready. After what I was able to learn about the topics and seminars that were presented, I know I have seen the best examples of what a good instructor brings to an audience. When it’s all said and done I will need to make time for three more children and that poor woman who decided to be the person waiting, and waiting, and waiting for me to make an appearance at home from time to time. She has to be even stronger than I am to do what she does.