Opening Keynote


Wednesday, March 4: 8:00 – 9:30 AM – Ballroom B&C
Open to ALL Attendees! 

Keynote Speaker:

Rommie Duckworth

Captain and Paramedic EMS Coordinator, Ridgefield (CT) Fire Department

“The Strength Within Us”

Whatever color uniform we wear, we share both the satisfaction and the burden of serving those in our communities. Every day, we deal with new personal and professional challenges. We may sometimes struggle to find the mental, physical, and emotional strength we need to meet the difficulties that we face. This inspirational keynote seeks to unlock the power within each of us when we need it most. And, when we feel that we don’t have the strength to stand alone, we’ll find the strength in “us” as a family of emergency responders and healthcare providers working to care for our patients, our communities, and each other.

Rommie Duckworth is a dedicated emergency responder, author, and award-winning educator with more than 30 years of experience working in career and volunteer fire departments, hospital healthcare systems, and public and private emergency medical services. An Editorial Advisory Board Member for JEMS and EMS Today, he is a career fire captain and paramedic EMS coordinator for the Ridgefield (CT) Fire Department, founder and director of the New England Center for Rescue and Emergency Medicine, and an emergency services advocate and educator at conferences around the world.

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