One-to-One Meetings


One-to-One Meetings

EMS Today’s Most Engaging Benefit: One-to-One Meeting Programs

It’s not always easy to pinpoint who in the crowd is genuinely interested in your product or service.  CONNECT and  MATCH! offer a simple and efficient way for interested prospects to come to YOU. Both programs allow you to pre-schedule one-to-one meetings, giving you time to do your homework, learn about your potential customer needs and walk into the show with a list of leads before it even opens.


CONNECT is our one-to-one meeting program open to all attendees and all exhibitors as a benefit of participating in EMS Today. You’ll meet with:

• decision makers or end users
• attendees interested in researching something they need now or in the future
• attendees who have specific needs or are just beginning to determine what they’ll need

Our goal is to help you make connections as easily as possible. The meeting platform opens approximately 4 weeks prior to the event.


MATCH! is our enhanced meeting program that guarantees a specific number of meetings with authorized buyers (or recommenders). You’ll meet:

• high-ranking department officers
• committee members and chairs
• attendees with purchasing authority and power who have demonstrated an immediacy of purchase

MATCH! is intended to help our decision makers cut through the crowds and sit down with those vendors whose products or services they are sourcing NOW. Meetings take place in the VIP Lounge so there are no distractions and no interruptions. MATCH! offers a more personalized approach to the meeting experience, shortening an attendee’s buying cycle and an exhibitor’s selling cycle.

Which Program is Best for Your Needs?

Open to everyone X  
20 minute meetings to ask questions and make informed decisions X X
Discuss personalized needs with vendors and mutually determine how they can be addressed in product development X X
Meetings are scheduled and planned ahead of time to maximize your EMS Today experience X X
Access to our meeting software (opens a few weeks before the show) X X
Attendees and exhibitors may send meeting requests to one another and each must accept in order to schedule X X
CONNECT meetings take place on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning X  
Meetings take place on the exhibit floor at the exhibitor booths X  
Schedule as few as one meeting or as many as 15 X  
Open to authorized buyers (or recommenders) made up of high ranking department officers, committee members and chairs with purchasing authority and power who have demonstrated an immediacy of purchase   X
Attendee MATCH! VIPs complete at least four, 20 minute MATCH! meetings during the event   X
A personal Program Manager will assist with securing your one-on-one meetings and offer assistance with any registration questions   X
Complete a detailed sourcing profile indicating what products and services you are looking for   X
Our matchmaking system organically compiles a list of participating companies whose product/service lines match those needs   X
All meetings conveniently take place in the MATCH! VIP lounge - no distractions and no competing for attention   X
Access to the VIP Lounge during the entire show giving you a place to sit, relax and recharge with free Wi-Fi, power and refreshments/food throughout the event   X
MATCH! meetings take place on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday   X
Attendee MATCH! VIPs have registration discounts available for their team to attend EMS Today   X