Ride Alongs

Enhance your week and add a ride along to your itinerary

Space is limited per ride along agency. Sign-ups will be at the Charlotte Convention Center at a booth near registration.

The Following Agencies Will Be Participating:


Mecklenburg EMS Agency (MEDIC)

What to expect:
Interested in observing Paramedics and EMT’s in action at Mecklenburg EMS Agency?
Experience firsthand the satisfaction of helping a county with more than 546 square miles and a population over 1.5 million. With the capability of supporting over 60 trucks in the system, Medic is the largest and busiest EMS system in North Carolina.  Last year, Medic responded to over 146,000 calls and is among the nation's top 1% of EMS agencies in terms of positive outcomes for Cardiac Arrest victims.
During the EMS Today Conference, Medic is offering an exciting ride along program with the goal of providing you with an in-depth look at system of care to include ambulance operations, patient care, and how we are prepared to respond when are where we are needed.
What should I wear?
- White collared button down shirt or department/agency/school uniform shirt.
- Current certification patches are permitted. Black/Dark Blue slacks/EMS pants.
- Black shoes and dark socks.
- Gold/Silver nametag or uniform ID is desirable, but not required. Photo ID must be
   carried with you during your ride along.
- Please have a clean neat appearance.
- Consider having appropriate gear for inclement weather including winter coat and/or
rain jacket as we are often outside for long periods of time.
**Riders who do not comply with the clothing requirements will not be allowed to ride their
scheduled shift.

Want to pre-register for a MEDIC ride along? CLICK HERE - On-site registration will also be available.

Cabarrus County EMS logo

Cabarrus County EMS

What to Expect:
Cabarrus EMS is a model EMS system which provides extremely advanced paramedic-level care to a population of 192,000 in Cabarrus County with an annual call volume average of 30,000. The service boasts one of the best response times in the state with an average response of 6.9 minutes. Cabarrus EMS remains on the cutting edge of technology with state of the art equipment and protocols such as 12 Lead EKG, RSI, Pit Crew CPR, TXA, adult intraosseous, capnography, and CPAP while operating under an aggressive set of patient care protocols sponsored by CHS - Northeast. Cabarrus EMS was established in 1973 and has grown. Currently, Cabarrus EMS operates ten ambulances with 24-hour coverage, one peak load unit, community paramedic, and one supervisor in a quick response vehicle out of 9 stations. Team members providing emergency response work 12-hour shifts. The system is involved in many areas to improve patient care such as community education and advanced cardiac/stroke programs. Additionally, the agency supports multiple specialty response teams. www.cabarruscounty.us/ems

What should I wear?
Polo or button up collared shirt (no t-shirts). Blue or Black pants (no jeans) and black shoes or boots.

Union Emergency Medical Services

Union Emergency Medical Service

What to expect:
Typical High Performance EMS System. Dynamic Deployment Operations. Responds to approximately 27k calls per year with one of the highest rates of trauma in the state of NC

What should I wear?
Potential Ride Along candidates should wear black pants (cargo or BDU style are acceptable), White
shirt and black shoes; preferably boots.

Iredell County logo

Iredell County

What to expect:
Riders can expect a high call volume experience, with a wide range of different patient care opportunities, in a rapidly growing county.

What should I wear?
Polo shirt and EMS pants with boots.