Breakfast Roundtables

Breakfast Roundtables

Thursday, February 22
8:00 AM – 9:30 AM
Cost: $40 (breakfast buffet is included)
Space is limited!

For the opportunity to speak one-on-one with the industry’s leading experts, attend the Breakfast Roundtable.  These informal, give-and-take roundtable discussions provide an ideal way to ask questions and gain new information about trends, current issues or specific challenges.  Moderated by a specialized industry expert, each table addresses a different topic.  

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Topics will Include:  

// Rural & Wilderness EMS **SOLD OUT**

Delivering prehospital care in rural parts of the country presents many challenges: little to no communication with medical centers, limited resources spread across a large area, susceptibility to severe environmental conditions and the possibility for prolonged evacuations for large-scale disasters. Join this breakfast roundtable to discuss the unique clinical and operational challenges of delivering prehospital patient care in rural and/or wilderness settings.
Moderator: Neil Noble

// I’m a New Manager, Now What? **SOLD OUT**

Being a manager is always a challenge—you’re responsible for running a structured department, ensuring compliance, and supporting the training and development needs of your team.  Join this breakfast roundtable and brainstorm with other new managers to learn from the examples—and mistakes—of others.
Moderator: Robert Girardeau, MSM-HCA, NRP, FP-C

// Best Practices in Peer Support

Stress is a reality of EMS, and sometimes the stress adds up and becomes too much. The industry has acknowledged that we need to do a better job talking about this issue and supporting each other. Join this breakfast roundtable to discuss how to foster an environment of peer support—by facing challenges together, dealing with stress can be much easier.
Moderator: Wayne Zygowicz, MS, EFO, EMT-P

// Provider Stress & Resiliency **SOLD OUT**

Stress affects all personnel involved in EMS and can result in mental health issues as well as clinical and operational errors. Join this breakfast roundtable to discuss how we can reduce stress among our ranks and educate providers on the importance of resiliency training and practices.
Moderator: Chetan Kharod, MD, MPH, USAF, MC, SFD

// Sepsis Screening & Alerting **SOLD OUT**

Join this breakfast roundtable to discuss methods for EMS identification, assessment and field treatment of life-threatening sepsis. What criteria do you use to identify possible cases of sepsis?
Moderator: Rommie Duckworth, LP

// America’s Opioid Crisis **SOLD OUT**

Opiate addiction and overdose is a huge problem across the country—in communities large and small, rural and urban. Join this breakfast roundtable to discuss the impact this crisis is having on your system and share ideas about what your EMS agency can do to better handle this ongoing war with opioid addiction.
Moderator: Neal Richmond, MD, FACEP

// Identifying & Diverting Stroke Patients

Research indicates that prehospital stroke recognition and stroke code activation results in better outcomes for patients. Join this breakfast roundtable to discuss ways we can improve stroke recognition and more effectively transport these critical patients to definitive treatment as soon as possible.
Moderator: Jason T. McMullan, MD

// Epinephrine: To Use or Not to Use?

The role of epinephrine in cardiac arrest resuscitation continues to evolve. Questions include how much to give a patient, how often to give it, how early to give it, and even if it should be administered at all in cardiac arrest. Join this breakfast roundtable to discuss—or debate—the administration of prehospital epi in cardiac arrest.
Moderator: Corey Slovis, MD

// Benefits of Prehospital ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation)

ECMO is a specialized treatment modality where external blood circulation is used to oxygenate blood in order to resuscitate or support a patient with heart failure or severe lung injury. Advances in technology are making this specialized treatment modality more widely available in EDs and—in some places—by specialized prehospital teams. Learn more about how ECMO works and discuss the potential integration of this lifesaving therapy into prehospital and emergency care.
Moderator: Ed Dickinson, MD, NRP, FACEP

// Issues in Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH) **SOLD OUT**

MIH and community paramedicine is a rapidly evolving service delivery model allowing EMS to make significant contributions to community health that extend beyond emergency care and patient transport. Join this breakfast roundtable to share ideas on program design, training providers, measuring success and finding the right stakeholders to work with.
Moderator: Matt Zavadsky, MS-HSA, EMT