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Serving the emergency services community, EMS Today provides professionals with a valuable combination of progressive education, developed by industry experts and JEMS contributors, and the latest equipment from leading manufacturers.  Emergency services personnel rely on EMS Today to help develop their careers, create networking opportunities and provide an environment where camaraderie, pride of service and dedication to saving lives is celebrated.


  • Advanced Clinical Practice
  • Foundations of Clinical Practice
  • Administration & Leadership
  • Operations - Community Paramedicine - MIH
  • Dynamic and Active Threats & MCI Management
  • Special Topics & Technology

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Advanced Clinical Practice

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Advanced-level and cutting-edge patient care content presenting the latest innovations on patient assessment, clinical care, research, technology innovations and more.

  • Advanced & Cutting-Edge Procedures
  • Airway & Respiratory
  • Cardiac & Resuscitation
  • Critical Care/Inter-facility Transport
  • Infections & Sepsis
  • Medication & Pharmacology
  • Pediatric Patients
  • Advanced protocol development
  • Psychiatric & Mental Health
  • Trauma & Hemorrhage Control
  • Special Patient Populations & Needs
  • Topics presented by “Eagles”, International faculty & Street Medicine Society (SMS) members/physicians

Foundations Clinical Practice

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Patient care topics for all levels of EMS responders, from innovations in CPR and stroke recognition to back-to-basic courses on burn injury care, naloxone delivery and more.

  • Airway & Respiratory
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Basic protocol development
  • Cardiac & Resuscitation
  • Expanding BLS Patient Care
  • Infections & Sepsis
  • Pediatric Patients
  • Psychiatric & Mental Health
  • Special Patient Populations & Needs
  • Trauma & Hemorrhage Control
  • Topics presented by “Eagles”, International faculty & Street Medicine Society (SMS) members/physicians

Administration & Leadership

For managers, supervisors, administrators and EMS executives, these sessions present the latest information to assist agencies and departments with strategies for navigating the rapidly changing healthcare system and EMS landscape, including budgeting, billing/reimbursement, legal considerations, medical direction and personnel recruitment, development and management.

  • Budgeting, Billing & Reimbursement
  • Legal & Ethical
  • Management Strategies & System Profiles
  • Medical Direction & Protocols
  • Personnel Recruitment, Retention & Development
  • Rural EMS Delivery
  • Volunteer EMS Management
  • Topics presented by “Eagles”, International faculty & Street Medicine Society (SMS) members/physicians

Operations - Community Paramedicine - MIH

For supervisors and field/operations managers, as well as training officers and community paramedic/mobile integrated health care (MIH) staff and managers, these sessions present operational topics ranging from equipment management and vehicle operations to patient care reporting and QA/QI.

Also includes topics that focus on the development, delivery and funding of mobile integrated healthcare and other community healthcare programs such as those aiming to prevent hospital readmissions, keep patient conditions from reoccurring or deteriorating, address mental health needs and prevent unnecessary illness or injuries from occurring.

  • Ambulance Design & Vehicle Ops
  • Communications & Dispatch
  • Documentation & PCRs
  • Education, Training & Simulation
  • Field Training
  • Patient Extrication
  • Personnel Health, Safety & Well-Being
  • Quality Assessment & Improvement
  • Rehab & After-Action Reviews
  • Search & Rescue Ops
  • Supply Management & Procurement
  • Ops & MIH Budgeting & Reimbursement
  • Expanding Scope of Care
  • Patient Education & Assessment
  • Program Profiles, results & lessons learned
  • Implementing and managing Special Focus Programs (i.e., mental health, diabetes, CHF)
  • Training, Development & Certification for Ops and MIH
  • Topics presented by “Eagles”, International faculty & Street Medicine Society (SMS) members/physicians

Dynamic and Active Threats and MCI Management

Topics to help you prepare for, respond to and execute exceptional care and operations during or after MCIs, including attacks by active shooters or terrorist groups.

  • Active Shooter & Terrorism
  • Natural Disaster Response
  • Planning & Incident Management
  • Provider Protection & Scene Safety
  • Tactical/Military EMS
  • Training & Lessons Learned
  • Topics presented by “Eagles”, International faculty & Street Medicine Society (SMS) members/physicians

Special Topics & Technology

Topics that are of interest to all emergency response personnel, regardless of their certification level or employer, including stress management and suicide prevention, career planning.

  • Apparatus Design & Deployment Innovations
  • Career Planning & Development
  • Dispatch Procedures & Caller Advice
  • Ethical & Legal Challenges
  • Difficult Calls (e.g., child or elderly abuse)
  • Equipment & Innovations
  • International EMS
  • Research & Results
  • Personal Health & Wellbeing
  • Other Special Topics
  • Topics presented by “Eagles”, International faculty & Street Medicine Society (SMS) members/physicians