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The scenario of the 2015 JEMS Games challenged teams to care for five patients of a helicopter crash occurring in a residential neighborhood. Three patients (including a baby) were directly affected by the damage caused by the crash, while 2 additional patients were surprises for the competing teams and presented after the nine minute mark of the challenge. Time was called at the 17-minute mark after which the lead paramedic had one minute to gather information from his crew and subsequently provide a hospital report over the microphone in the remaining two minutes.

to view the 2016 JEMS Games Rules - DRAFT

(Note: This is a draft of the 2016 competition rules. The final version of the rules will be sent to all registered teams and posted here when it becomes available.)

To participate in the 2016 JEMS Games, contact Ryan Kelley at  


JEMS Games: An EMS Competition

This year 23 TEAMS competed on a brand-new preliminary course for the JEMS Games. Each team was judged as they navigated the course and the top 3 teams competed in the JEMS Games Finals. This year's scenario was a helicopter crash in a residential neighborhood with a total of 5 patients.


1st Place: $1,000; 2nd Place: $750; 3rd Place: $500
All winning teams received additional prizes from the sponsors/exhibitors.


Photos from 2014 JEMS Games Finals Competition.

Founding Sponsor:

The objective of the JEMS Games is to create a fun, challenging and educational    experience for emergency medical personnel that results in them being better prepared for the myriad challenges that they may encounter in the field. More importantly, it’s a goal of the JEMS Games to enlighten and invigorate EMS personnel from all over the world to deliver the same quality and compassionate care to all patients they encounter after participating in the JEMS Games competition.

The JEMS Games introduces competitors and audiences to new techniques and technology that can be used to manage patients of all levels of criticality. The competition also enables participants to share their expertise, experience, techniques and technology with EMS colleagues from throughout the world.


CLICK HERE to read through the 2015 Rules and Regulations for the JEMS Games.

2015 Winning Teams:  

1ST PLACE: FDNY EMS — New York, New York

         FDNY EMS members respond to nearly 1.2 million medical emergencies each year. The FDNY’s 3,000 Paramedics and EMTs make up one of the largest, highly trained emergency medical service in the world. The EMS Command provides advanced pre-hospital medical care anywhere in the world. Its members are at the forefront of every emergency, large and small, making life-and-death decisions that affect the lives of millions of New Yorkers. For more information, visit  

2ND PLACE: Boca Raton Fire Rescue “B” — Lake Worth, Florida

    The Boca Raton Fire Rescue Services Department provides comprehensive emergency and administrative services. These services include: Fire Suppression, Fire Safety Inspections, Fire Investigations, Fire and Emergency Medical Service Education, Hazardous Materials Response, and Emergency Medical Services—including patient transport. For more information, visit  

3RD PLACE: Cumberland County EMS — Fayetteville, North Carolina

      Cumberland County EMS is one of the busiest and most progressive EMS services not only North Carolina, but on the east coast. Their service has won many awards, including the Gold Medal at 2010 JEMS National Paramedic Competition and the 2014 JEMS Games Competition. CCEMS prides itself on having innovative protocols, progressive and interactive training programs, and CAPEable employees who enjoy giving back to their community by providing a public service. For more information, visit .    
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